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Steexela is greneIT’s latest e-commerce developments. Steexela is an e-commerce store selling beauty and health products. Steexela is committed to providing only the very best of what the international market has to offer while staying true to their commitments of providing sustainable, ethical, and natural goods. However, this is not how it all started.

greneIT is committed to providing sustainable and ethical IT solutions which are simple and efficient. greneIT’s works with integrating existing OpenSource technologies with sustainable cloud hosting infrastructure. greneIT helps businesses reduce their technological emissions whilst create a positive social and environmental impact.


The Starting

When we first started working with Steexela, they were looking to create a e-commerce store to sell beauty products. They wanted someone with in-depth technological experience to take over this project, finish & launch it and then provide hosting and support after the website is live. They got more than what they were looking for, not only to support their long-term development goals but also to provide them with sustainability consultancy.


The Journey

As we started to work together, we discussed various technologies and their impact on their environment. We also showed them our past work. Whilst developing their website we showed them how they can help reduce their business and their website carbon footprint. They were quite interested in this ‘new concept of sustainability’ and wanted to know more on how they can transform their business.

We started off by helping them to make the decision to move towards offering more ethical, natural, and zero-waste products. Then we took care of the technology stack. We chose application which are OpenSource and promote ethics in IT. greneIT implemented Matomo as their analytics platform as it protects their data and their customers’ privacy. For payment gateway greneIT recommended and implemented Stripe as they are also committed to mitigating our environmental impact. Even though the cost was higher and it took longer than usual they were happy to be on this path towards sustainability.


The Impact

Not only they are selling products which ‘do not harm’ animals or the planet, they are using our CO2 neutral hosting. greneIT measures their technological emission and helps them offset it by investing in social and environmental projects. They plant trees for every product they sell. Steexela is also contribution 0.5% of their profits towards development of carbon reduction technologies. They are careful about what technologies they use and support user privacy making their complete system ethical and sustainable. This way we help them to be 100% sustainable, not just CO2 neutral!

Steexela is a great example of how a business can transform into a sustainable one and help create a positive social and environmental impact whilst creating an environmental legacy for our coming generations. We hope that this story inspires many more business to embark on a journey towards sustainability.

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