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Introducing greneIT

Where Expertise Meets Heartfelt Commitment

Behind the innovative name of greneIT stands a visionary with over two decades of unwavering dedication to the Information Technology field. Meet our founder, Robin Edwards, whose remarkable journey from a well-paid job to the creation of greneIT is a testament to the power of passion and purpose.

Robin left the comfort of a lucrative career to pursue something far more profound—his deep-rooted passion for sustainability and a fervent desire to create a lasting positive impact on our planet. greneIT is the embodiment of Robin’s mission—a platform where his extensive IT expertise converges with his unwavering commitment to sustainability. With each technological innovation and every sustainable initiative, we are not just a brand name but a force for positive change.

Join us on this transformative journey, where the synergy of IT mastery, sustainability, and global impact is at the core of everything we do. Together, we’re shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet and the communities that call it home.

Why greneIT?

Streamlined Solutions for You & Positive Earth Impact.

PERSONALISED SOLUTIONS: Tailored hosting for your needs. We all are unique, having diverse demands – our solutions caters to your specific requirements.

SUSTAINABILITY AT HEART: greneIT offers a chance to make a positive environmental impact. Your website’s carbon footprint becomes a thing of the past as only provide you sustainably sourced serves, plus we offset emissions through environmental initiatives.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Our managed solutions are built for speed and efficiency so you can focus on your core goals, while we handle the complexities of server management, updates, and security. 

“greneIT” is spelt as ‘green IT,’ and the spelling for ‘grene’ is not incorrect but is derived from Old English.

The reason behind using ‘grene’ was to instill our vision of going back to our roots and ethics whilst embracing the future, our technology.

Take the greener path with greneIT today!


Experience hosting solutions designed just for your business, boosting growth while making a positive impact on the environment.


Join us in driving customer success and carbon neutrality.

What our Clients say

Perfect Hosting Partner

When it comes to hosting and hosting service providers, there are numerous options to choose from, but finding a provider that can meet all your needs can be a challenge. Fortunately, we found greneIT, an exceptional service provider to us, specifically for our Learning Management System needs.

greneIT’s service has been outstanding from the start, with fast and reliable hosting that keeps our LMS platforms running optimally. The support has been exceptional, always available to answer any questions or concerns, provide assistance in the fastest time possible, and has truly been a valuable resource in helping us to optimise our various platforms for maximum performance.

One of the things that sets greneIT apart is the commitment to continuous improvement. They are constantly working to update and improve their services, which means that we never have to worry about falling behind the curve. Their dedication to staying on top of the latest trends and technologies has been a huge asset to our business.

Overall, we would highly recommend greneIT to anyone in need of a reliable and dedicated hosting provider. Their exceptional, professional service, commitment to improvement, and knowledgeable support makes them the perfect hosting partner.

Caitlin Terre Blanche
Senior Account Manager

An Exceptional Hosting Provider

Robin’s team has been very helpful and knowledgeable in explaining, servicing, and assisting us.
We were experiencing problems with one of our more intensive platforms and Robin and his team were able to seamlessly transfer and take over without any hitches. We highly recommend greneIT and definitely will be looking at moving more of our hosting over to them in the coming months.
On top of that, by offering completely sustainable services they are creating positive environmental and social impact that beats any other hosting provider out there!

Chantal Forssman
Learning Developer & UX designer

How we do IT sustainably?

As of January 2021, global statistics suggest there are approximately 1.19 billion websites running on the internet with 3.58 billion+ estimated daily visitors.[1]

The use of the internet alone causes emission of approximately 2,330,041 tons of CO2 and consumes 2,339,400 MWh of electricity everyday.[2] Every single internet search consumes about 0.3 Wh of energy and contributes to the release of 0.2g of CO2 in the environment.[3]

greneIT is working relentlessly at reducing carbon emmissions and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. On the right you can see the yearly Co2 emmissions emmited by hosting company.

Our global servers run on renewable energy; they counterbalance the CO2 generated by the devices that browse the greneIT website. This is cleverly done by tracking the website usage and then sending the statistics to a server. When the CO2 consumption reaches a certain threshold, we invest in environmental and social impact projects to offset it.

How can greneIT help you?

Creating a positive environmental impact.


We provide you with a custom sustainable hosting platform for your websites, application and emails.


Once we deliver you a solution we continue to support you in your growth.


We provide you with expert guidance for all your technological needs.

The best thing about all this is...


... that we don't just plant trees for! We also compensate for all the CO2 emitted by the clients connecting to our services by investing into social & environmental impact projects.


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