After being in the IT industry for almost 16 years, having a long time ambition of starting something different on my own and seeing the need for an ethical IT company, I decided to go self employed and founded greneIT in October 2017.

The word ‘Grene’ means ‘green in the old English language. The reason for choosing ‘grene’ over ‘green’ is to simply incorporate some of values of being traditionally ethical and sustainable. It also represent us going back to be basics of being personal, reusing resources and being cautious of our natural resources.

We are personal – our processes are automated to some extent but there is always a non-automated conversation, either via email or a phone call before the product is signed off for your usage. This personal intervention also makes the process secure as there is a manual verification on the account before the service/product provisioned. We are aware that IT processes are so heavily automated that they lack the personal touch and we aim to bring the ‘personal’ into IT.

All our servers run on renewable energy which means less CO2 emission. We also have a plan where you can opt to have a tree planted for every service you buy from greneIT. You can cut down your carbon footprint by moving your self-hosted application and services to our servers. greneIT also strives to supply in-house networking and computing equipment which are eco-friendly with low power usage. These equipments are either are recycled or brand new but are always energy efficient.

We strongly believe in Open Source systems and encourage the use of the same. All of our web-centric services use open source systems and for our everyday/server computing solutions we only provide open source systems.

With the release of Chrome V62, Google is now more serious about sites to have an SSL certificate installed. Personally, I believe this is a step in the right direction in keeping the internet safe and a better place. We endorse this by providing free SSL. All the website and applications hosted on our green servers get free SSL from Let’s Encrypt. At greneIT we take utmost concern in your website and application security.

Apart, from this all our servers have SSD (solid state disk). Compared to tradtional HDD (hard disk), SSD are 30% faster when it comes to reading/opening files. Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD. In an SSD information is stored in microchips. Whereas, a HDD uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter. This difference is what makes SSD so much faster.

All this means that we can be your one stop IT solution provider, which at the same time is Sustainable and Ethical!!! By joining us you will be contributing towards reducing your online carbon footprint and will also play a part in global planting of trees to combat emission levels across the continents.